Thursday, August 29, 2013

Keeping them safe...

My #1 priority as principal of Pershing School is to keep the students safe.  We have been practicing fire drills and tornado drills this week.  We created a new safety plan this summer with the help of the Berwyn Police Dept.  One of the changes that we made to the fire drill was to have the students exit the building and head to their designated grade level line up spots at the park.  As you can see here, staff can see all the students at once and can note if all students are accounted for.  Teachers take attendance quickly after arriving at the line up spot, then hold up a green paper if all students are present.  A red paper signals that a student is missing.  Designated staff can move into action, locating the student and returning him/her to the class.

                        Students exit from the nearest door and cross the street to the park.

                                          All 500 students line up by grade level at the park.

The numerous storms and tornadoes across the country taught us that the only safe spots in schools were those in interior spaces.  Our new tornado spots for each classroom include the teacher's lunchroom, the reading room, the basement of the school, and a large walk- in closet in KB.

                                First and second grade classrooms use the teachers' lunchroom.